The Pilsen Region is the third largest region in terms of area, but has the second lowest population density. There is a minimum of medium-sized cities. It is divided into 7 districts, with 3 of them being part of the regional city of Pilsen.


For years, this region remains famous mainly for the production of Bohemia Sekt in Starý Plzenec and the Pilsen brewery Prazdroj, which is the largest beer producer in the Czech Republic and also the largest exporter abroad. Whether you are a beer lover or not, a visit to the

brewery museum and a tour of the brewery is highly recommended by our travel guides all across the board.


If you prefer exploring castles and chateaux, there are hundreds of them in the region! One way to start is by visiting the gothic water castle Švihov, or perhaps the beautiful castle Zbiroh, where you can even arrange for lodging accommodations. If you prefer to use a little bit of your own imagination, then visit the ruins of Rabí Castle, where you can imagine what it once looked like hundreds of years ago. Other famous historical monuments that can become the destination of your trip are the Kladruby Monastery and Plasy Monastery.


For nature lovers, there are plenty spots for hiking, fresh air, and breathtaking scenery from the many local peaks. The Šumava National Park extends into the region, which is the largest of all four national parks in the Czech Republic with an area of over 68,000 ha. In addition to peat bogs and forests, there are also glacial lakes in the area. The two most beautiful and iridescent lakes are the Devil’s Lake in the shape of a semicircle and the Black Lake, which is not only the largest lake in Šumava, but also in the whole country. Then, you may visit the Šlovice Litter, where wild horses live, and the nature trail through the Podkovák peat bog or to the flooded quarry Okrouhlák next to Hradišťský hill.


When you get hungry after all that sightseeing, you can enjoy pizza at the Da Pizzeriaro or Czech classics in Srdcovka Corso right in the center of Pilsen – a short walk from Republic Square. While you are there, you must not miss a visit to the Paper Mill in Pilsen! This factory has transformed its premises into a modern café and club, where exhibitions are also held occasionally. If you already feel that you have seen everything in Pilsen, then why not look at it from another angle – from the basket of a balloon!


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