The Moravian-Silesian Region, also known as North Moravia, includes the towns of Jeseníky, Opava Silesia, Moravian Kravařsko, Ostrava, Těšín Silesia, Beskydy – the former region of Wallachia. Here,

spread through the air are fairytale regions, architectural jewels, customs and traditions, technical rarities – all of these are found as vintage pieces that are forever timeless amongst the modern world we live in today.


Just as the Czechs have their Sněžka, the Moravians have their Praděd. At the beginning of the 20th century, Moravians built a lookout tower here, however, due to unsuitable building that could not support the bounds of the tower itself, the lookout tower deemed itself architecturally unstable, leading to the spontaneous and abrupt rupture in the foundation of the building. The lookout tower continued to fall apart until it was completely destroyed, so the planned reconstruction was not featured as it was unable to take place.íizni-vez-na-pradedu.


If so, the fortress near Darkovičky and Hlučín in the Opava Silesia region is a place you cannot miss! The bunkers built during the First Republic were to serve and defend Czechoslovakia against Nazi Germany. Who knows what would have happened if it hadn’t been for Munich!


Interested in old smelters, mines, and the rich history of the First Republic? Experience Ostrava! As a university town, Ostrava yields never-ending fun for travelers that set foot in this lustrous city. There are many memorable experiences that can take place in Ostrava, which ranks the third largest city in the Czech Republic.


Unspoiled nature along with the charm of the picturesque Beskydy gives travelers a variety of choices for trips, relaxation packages, and experiences. The highest mountain Lysá Hora, measuring 1323 meters, is undoubtedly the biggest highlight of this region. From its height, you can see all the way to the rocky peaks of the High Tatras.


The family house of Zikmund Freud, the Velký Javorník Lookout Tower, the Tatra Kopřivnice Technical Museum, Pustevny – these are just some of the many interesting places that a tourist should visit.


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