A popular tourist destination, the South Bohemian Region ranks as the fourth most visited place after Prague, the South Moravian Region, and the Hradec Kralove Region. Within the South Bohemian Region, travelers may chance upon the mystifying national park Trebonsko, where lie several ponds and hiking paths.

For the most beautiful sights and places to visit within the region, we recommend the following:


Visit the town of Tabor, where the picturesqueness of the small streets meets the rawness of the looming walls, reminiscent of the Hussite era. In Tabor, you can sleep in the Nautilus hotel, and cook or enjoy lunch with a glass of Thir wine. Consider visiting Žižkov Square, the Hussite Museum, or the Jan Žižka Memorial.


Český Krumlov is one of the most popular cities for both Czech and foreign tourists. The whole center, including the castle and chateau, is an UNESCO World Heritage Site. The interiors of the castle and chateau are highly worth a visit, as is the chateau garden. There, you will find the world-famous Revolving Auditorium which uses the surrounding space in its productions. Surely everyone knows the fairytale “The Emperor’s Baker,” where Rudolf II appears alongside his mistress Kateřina Stradová. Derived from the actual lives of the couple from this fairytale, the two birthed a son who was shackled and imprisoned until his very death right here at the castle making it an interesting historical timepiece for those that visit. Krumlov is also a popular place for paddlers who travel through the city on their several-day trip; folks can even rent a boat or raft for the day, or if preferred, enjoy the luxury of golf at the golf club Český Krumlov.


Following the day’s chosen festivities, you may choose to dine in the cellar restaurant Šatlava, where chefs prepare gourmet foods at the table in an exciting open fire, or perhaps in the Krumlov mill, where you can sit in the garden overlooking the castle and the river flowing underfoot. In Krumlovský mlýn, guests may retire in a subset of beautiful apartments. If you are an avid coffee consumer, visit the modern Kolektiv Café on main street or the Kafemlejnek café-wine bar with a view of the wooden bridge over yonder.


Lipno nad Vltavou: where in the warmer months guests may participate in and enjoy their choice of water activities, golf, for example, and sleep in the apartments Jbx Lipno or at the Albatros Hotel.


For top-tier quality steak, make your way to České Budějovice JB STEAKHOUSE or the Yellow Submarine – Poetic Cocktail Bar & Restaurant.


On your journey throughout Czech, make sure to mark Hluboká Chateau as another stop on your list! Here, travelers may garner an experience far greater and impressive than what is captured in any pictures. In the summer months, various activities take place in the Hluboké Park, such as archery. In between activities, be sure to enjoy a meal at the Hubert Hluboká as well.


Located on the border of South Bohemia and South Moravia and between the towns of Slavonice, Nová Bystřice and Kunžak, Czech Canada is particularly ideal for nature trips, cycling, hiking, or cross-country skiing in the winter months. Another top travel destination is the Landštejn Castle, the picturesque town of Matějovec, where you can rent your own cottage (via e-cottages) and enjoy the Czech summer to the fullest. Don’t forget to visit the breathtaking renaissance town of Slavonice, where they have movie nights and screenings in the bright, warm summer. For breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just a casual drink, visit Besídka Slavonice and you will not be disappointed!


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